OJOOK's 2020 Mindful Gift Guide


OJOOK Mindful Holiday Gifting Guide - 2020

By. Youn Chang

We are living in a world that encourages us to spend so much of our time and money on physical goods that are either unnecessary, or at best, short-lived. As we enter into one of the biggest gift-giving seasons, we’d like to suggest doing things a bit differently. Ask yourself: how should we approach gifting? What is mindful gifting?

Step 1. Make it purposeful and intentional

You know them best. Think about what they need, not what you want. The art of mindful gifting starts by choosing an item that is thoughtful, purposeful and intentional. Instead of falling into the trap of aimless browsing on endless online shopping sites, spend a moment with a paper and pen and jot down some things about the person you wish to gift. What are areas of their life that need a little extra attention and care? It may be their wellness, or perhaps a life milestone they are hitting. A lot of times, that someone in your life needs your advice and doesn’t even realize it.

Step 2. Choose something that will last

We have all gotten gifts that were very short-lived: seasonal scented items, trendy things, electronic devices, or beautiful decorative objects without any actual utility. Products made with synthetic, low quality materials. Unfortunately, the world we are living in wants us to consume more and dispose fast. Navigating this pace and flood of stuff is dizzying. Mindful gifting starts with recognizing that, and instead, making an effort to find something that can impact the receiver for a lifetime. Help them discover new knowledge. Grow something. Create better wellness habits.

Step 3. Think about the environmental footprint.

Gifting doesn’t have to involve trashing the planet. Minimizing the environmental footprint is a gift itself, both to you and to the receiver. The less waste we send into the air, ocean, and landfills, the more we prolong and promote healthy life on this blessed planet we get to call home. Think not only about the gift itself, but reimagine the packaging and delivery method. Research what products are made of and how they go from being raw materials to a finished product delivered to our hands. This will help you make more conscious decisions and it is a conversation piece itself. Consider gift wrap that is reusable and up-cyclable such as naturally dyed handkerchiefs or a sturdy bamboo box that can be used for organizing drawers. Better yet, gifts in this digital era don’t even have to be physical. There are a plethora of services or intangible goods that you can give.

With these guiding principles, here are 10 mindful gifting ideas for this 2020 holiday season.

1. Elevated Oral Care set by OJOOK

OJOOK Mindful Holiday Gifting Guide - 2020

OJOOK Toothpaste, starting at $18

Category: health, wellness, mindfulness, elevated daily care

Who?: All “Ungiftables” - parents, spouse, grandparents, friends who have everything, you name it. OJOOK is the first brand to transform oral care from a daily chore into a savored experience— a mindful, self-care ritual infused with Eastern wellness principles. This treatment toothpaste is enhanced with ancient Korean 9x baked bamboo salt (Jukyeom) and nano-hydroxyapatite. Give your loved ones healthier habits for a lifetime. Expect brighter, stronger, and fresher teeth.

2. Incense burner by Kin Objects 

OJOOK Mindful Holiday Gifting Guide - 2020

Kin Objects Incense Burner, starting at $48

Category: mindfulness, elevated daily care

Who?: Anyone in your life spending a lot of time at home. Anyone struggling with finding peace of mind. So pretty much everyone.

3. Daily Hydrating Ritual with whole flower teas by The Qi

OJOOK Mindful Holiday Gifting Guide - 2020

The Qi Tea, starting at $28

Category: holistic wellness, mindfulness, health

Who?: Anyone who needs a daily moment of beautiful inner calm. Anyone who needs a little nudge to increase fluid intake because we are over 70% made of water. Instead of short lived bouquets of flowers, these whole dry flower tea can be cherished as a daily hydrating ritual. Naturally caffeine free, relaxing and just beautiful.

4. Guided Journals to reflect on the past and look forward


OJOOK Mindful Holiday Gifting Guide - 2020


Top: Lavendaire Workbook, at $38 (Digital Version is $20)

Bottom: Moonlists Workbook, at $18

Category: mindfulness, goal setting  

Who?: Anyone who needs inspiration to set a direction and purpose in life. Research says journaling is helpful for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress, and guided journaling with prompts and visual aids makes it easier and more interesting to do so.

5. Zero waste swaps by Binu-Binu Soap House

OJOOK Mindful Holiday Gifting Guide - 2020

Binu Binu Soap, starting at $20

Category: Sustainable living, elevated daily care

Who?: Anyone who’s been looking to make sustainable product swaps. Binu Binu is Korean bathhouse inspired and offers antioxidant-rich Boricha tea (simply referred to as "water" in many Korean households) based, hand crafted soaps for your hair and body. They are purifying and contain conditioning, skin-nourishing oils. Bar soaps do not create any plastic waste, and the accessories are high quality and elevated.

6. A bucket list to do together for a year

OJOOK Mindful Holiday Gifting Guide - 2020

Category: intangible gift, experience

Who?: Significant other, parents, grandparents, best friends, anyone you would like to deepen your relationship with through common interests and quality time together

7. Focused mind without crashing - State of Clarity Tonic by Innermade

OJOOK Mindful Holiday Gifting Guide - 2020

Innermade Clarity Tonic, starting at $45

Category: health, mindfulness, wellness

Who?: Anyone who needs and wants a flow-state experience with focus and calm. Originally crafted to heighten one’s meditation practice, this formula is best used for similar activities that require deep focus and clear thinking.

8. A savings account or education fund account

OJOOK Mindful Holiday Gifting Guide - 2020

Category: intangible gift, resource building, unique gift

Who?: Children. For children of any age, this is a wonderful gift. It is a very popular practice in Korea. First, everyone in the family can chip in to create a pool of resources for the child’s future. As they get older, it will teach them how to save and invest and use their resources wisely. Instead of physical gifts and toys that they will quickly outgrow, give them an opportunity to learn how to catch a fish.

9. Seeds and storage solution for gardening

OJOOK Mindful Holiday Gifting Guide - 2020

Lettuce Grow Seedlings, starting at $12

Category: Sustainable living, wellness, learning new skills

Who?: Parents and grandparents, or anyone who loves the idea of growing their own food and connecting with the earth on a daily basis.

10. Handwritten letters

Category: Intangible gift

Who?: Anyone. When was the last time you wrote handwritten letters (excluding simple cards)? Your hands may feel awkward on a piece of paper with a pen, as we are so used to typing on the computer. Writing—expressing feelings and articulating ideas—might actually be the most unique gift you can ever give to anyone.

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