Diatomite Duo ($37 Value)

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A duo of our vanity tray and toothbrush holder that are 100% compostable and plastic-free. Constructed with diatomaceous earth, a raw material made of fossilized remains of algae, it is fast- drying and mold resistant. It is an ideal bathroom accessory to keep your vanity beautifully organized and clean.

This Diatomite duo ($37 value) includes:

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  • Ingredient list:

    Diatomaceous earth, clay, tourmaline

    Formulated without:


  • How to use:

    Place the vanity tray and toothpaste holder on your bathroom counter to organize bathroom items. To clean, gently rinse the surface with mild soap under running water then air dry. Handle with care and avoid dropping.

    How to recycle:

    Carton box: Recycle or compost
    Tray and toothbrush holder: Compost - crush the toothbrush holder into smaller pieces and return it back to earth

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