Grand Set: 3-Pack Toothpastes + Silk Floss + Diatomite Tray ($93 Value)

Welcome to the secret customer appreciation event, created just for you.

Thank you for being OJOOK’s very best customers. We really appreciate your kind support and feedback since the launch. For our first birthday, we created this special gift set just for you to share your love for OJOOK with your friends and family.

What's Included ($93 Value):

  • 3 x OJOOK Toothpaste with nHA and Bamboo Salt ($54)- The most beloved salty, nano-hydroxyapatite paste

  • Silk Floss with Bamboo Salt and Beeswax ($14) - A powerful and zero-waste treatment floss

  • Diatomite Tray $25)- Fast-drying and mold-resistant accessory

    What makes OJOOK So Special:

    1. Nano-Hydroxyapatite: NASA invented a proven fluoride alternative that's a safer and more inclusive option for all family members. It’s a natural mineral that makes up 90% of tooth enamel.

    • Prevents cavities

    • Fosters stronger, glossier, whiter teeth

    • Alleviates teeth sensitivity

    • Improves dry mouth

    2. 9x roasted Korean medicinal bamboo salt (Jukyeom): A historic salt created by Korean salt masters and monk, Jukyeom is hand crafted and roasted nine times in bamboo at 1,700 degrees Celsius.

    $50 USD 93


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