Winter Wellness Essentials Set - Limited Edition

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Limited Edition 10-Piece Set to Achieve Beauty from Within

Five favorite women-of-color led brands got together this holiday season to deliver clean, sustainable and holistic wellness rituals. 


Limited quantities are available until sold out. Don't miss the opportunity.  

Reveal These Rituals ($125 | $175 Value):

  • OJOOK Toothpaste + Floss ($38 value)¬†- Transform everyday routines into rituals with OJOOK's purposeful oral care products.

  • MO MI Shampoo + Shower in Orange Hinoki¬† ($28 value)¬†- Refresh from head to toe with MO MI's beautiful botanical formula.

  • YINA Bian Stone Gua Sha + Divine Mask ($70 value)¬†- De-stress and rejuvenate with YINA's healing tool and mask, powered by traditional Chinese medicine.

  • Axiology Duo Set ($24 value)¬†- Bring some sparkle to the season with Axiology's zero-waste, cruelty-free makeup.

  • Five Seasons TCM 3x Tonic Bags ($13 value)¬†- Nourish and empower your body with specially crafted traditional Chinese medicinal tonics.


    Meet the Women Behind The Scene


    OJOOK | Youn Chang 

    OJOOK is a clean and sustainable oral care line guided by Eastern Wellness philosophy, transforming mundane routines into celebrated rituals. Made with the scientifically proven fluoride alternative nHA and Korean bamboo salt, our products infuse oral care rituals with intention and purpose, creating a sacred experience to start and end your day.

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    MO MI Beauty | Diane Reade 

    Here at MO MI, we know how good it feels when our hair looks and feels great, so we came up with our favorite hair and self care products made with plant based ingredients, micronutrients, antioxidants and time honored botanicals.

    Website  |  Visit Instagram 


    YINA | Angela Gray and Dr. Ervina Wu

    YINA is founded by TCM practitioners Angela Chau Gray and Dr. Ervina Wu with the mission to demystify Chinese medicine and advocate the Yang Sheng lifestyle, modern wellness rituals rooted in traditional wisdom.  Our multifaceted products and education are inspired by TCM principles for a profound and lasting impact on your wellbeing.  Daily Yang Sheng practice helps cultivate optimal vitality of your mind and body. It is the essence of YINA.

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    Five Seasons TCM | Zoey Gong

    Five Seasons TCM creates educational nutrition content and user-friendly products centered around the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Five Seasons seeks to educate consumers about the benefits of ancient Chinese nutrition and food therapy to address imbalances in the body.

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    Axiology | Ericka Rodriguez

    Axiology is a planet-friendly beauty company. Our products are 100% vegan, palm-oil and cruelty free. Our lipsticks, crayons and zero waste Balmies are available in colors that range from sheer and luminous pinks to bold and rich burgundies.

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    * All Winter Wellness Essentials Set  orders will be shipped from November 7th, 2021.

     * This set is excluded from all promotion code.

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