THE MISSION: From Routine to Ritual

To extend the life of our bodies and planet by transforming quotidian tasks into sacred rituals

The mouth is the gateway organ of our body, controlling all “input,” and has long been viewed as a symbol of life by many cultures around the world. In fact, there is clinical research available that oral health is closely linked to cardiovascular and brain health.  

Through ritualistic oral care habits, OJOOK wants to widen Eastern wellness philosophy with long-term view on wellness. In East Asia, maintaining excellent oral health and being able to keep natural teeth well into their 80s and 90s is viewed as key for longevity.

Our vision is to integrate science, mastery, and cultural heritage, because we believe oral care should be as useful as it is beautiful. We are committed to reshaping routines into rituals and inspiring sacred experiences that define our days.


We are a body health brand with
our roots in oral care


We partner with renowned dental experts to create products that are good for the body, mind and environment. Our standards for efficacy and sustainability are the compass for our product development decisions. Our line is made only with the most essential ingredients for powerful, simple and natural oral health care.


OJOOK is built upon generational knowledge for health and longevity. Our products showcase the steadfast labor and meticulousness of our ingredient masters, and were created to inspire daily rituals from everyday health regimens. We believe that the small details of life can elicit joy, which is why each experience with our masterful formulas has the power to orient the mind and set self-improvement on a positive course.


We honor harmony and Mother Nature through a holistic product life cycle. Unlike conventional oral care products that contain questionable chemicals or filler ingredients, our products are better, safer and more body-friendly. At OJOOK, we are committed to putting long-term health first. We believe the environment surrounding us is key for longevity, which is why our formulas and packaging are designed to pay Mother Nature the respect she deserves.