Intention Toothbrush 2-Pack ($16 Value)

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Better value, less carbon footprint when you order 2-pack

Made with soft, firm and fine bristles imported from Asia, OJOOK bamboo toothbrush effectively removes plaque build-up and food particles in the hard-to-reach places without damaging the gums. Now available in 2-pack bundle (4-6 months supply).


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  • Bamboo toothbrush: A simple low waste swap to avoid single-use plastic toothbrushes

  • Removes food, debris, plaque and tartar build up in between teeth

  • Soft bristles that are gentle on gums and teeth

  • Note the space on the handle for your self mastery journey. Setting intentions in each morning and evening can help you become more positive and productive


    This bundle includes ($16 value):

    • 2 x OJOOK Intention Toothbrushes

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