OJOOK toothpaste review


OJOOK Toothpaste Review - What to Expect?

For many people out there wondering what it is like to brush your teeth with the OJOOK toothpaste with 9x baked nano-hydroxyapatite and bamboo salt, we put together a comprehensive review using quotes from actual customers and media.

Summary Review

• First time - Might be a bit of a shock. You will immediately notice sharp contrasts on multiple fronts: cleanliness, taste, flavor, texture, and sweetness. Savor it with all five senses. From the very first brushing, your teeth will feel like you just went to the dentist.

• First week - By the end of the first week, your mouth is fully adjusted to the unique and clean formula infused with bamboo salt and nano-hydroxyapatite.

• First month and on - With regular use, the bamboo salt will have restored the ideal environment for good oral microbiomes, which help with bad breath, and you will notice less and less inflammation in your mouth (i.e., canker sores and gum bleeding). With nano-hydroxyapatite remineralizing enamel, your teeth will look more opaque and bright with less sensitivity. If you have been practicing intention-setting during your morning and evening rituals, you will feel more positive and calm with a clearer head.

Detailed Review

1. The flavor: Top note of ocean, base note of pine forest. Clean and minimal.

For the first few days, you will notice a moderately salty flavor. However after two to three days of morning and evening brushing, this saltiness will become almost unnoticeable. On the contrary OJOOK has no lingering aftertaste. You are left with clean, smooth teeth because there are no added sweeteners or flavors like sorbitol, saccharin, or stevia. When you go back to your previous toothpaste, you will notice how sweet and strong the flavor is.

The base note of the OJOOK toothpaste is a pine leaf aroma. The scent and taste are different from the popular winter holiday scent we tend to imagine in the western world. Instead, it is less sweet, more herbal and long-lasting. This pine tree essential oil was included not as a flavor, but to help alleviate inflammation and promote healthy gums and fresh breath. Korean traditional medicine has been using pine cones and leaf extract in oral care and swollen joints for thousands of years.

2. Low viscosity texture with no artificial color

OJOOK toothpaste is a bit thinner than your typical toothpaste and has no color. This is the result of omitting unnecessary thickening and color enhancing chemicals. OJOOK toothpaste is made with only 13 essential ingredients, each with an assigned oral care purpose. There is no texture enhancing polyethylene glycols (PEGs) or their derivatives, carrageenan, or cellulose gum. Most oral care products, including all-natural products, are formulated with at least 3-5 of these chemicals. Additionally, there is no titanium dioxide or any other colorings (synthetic or natural) simply because these ingredients serve no purpose.


3. SLS free formula delivers gentle and minimal foam

OJOOK toothpaste is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free and doesn’t create big bubbles or foam. SLS creates an artificial sense of cleaning, but actually does more harm than good for our teeth and gums. It is a known skin irritant with strong denaturing substances that disrupt cell activity and are leading causes of canker sores and mouth ulcers. OJOOK toothpaste is formulated with coconut-derived, natural and mild surfactant sodium cocoyl glutamate to aid the gentle and even spread of the product on your teeth and gums.





A pioneer in Nano-Hydroxyapatite toothpaste, OJOOK is a niche, new brand that combines Eastern wellness philosophies with Western practices. Aiming to provide fluoride-sensitive consumers with a new and more natural alternative, this paste integrates science with heritage rituals. With an emphasis on mindfulness, OJOOK wants users’ routines to resemble more of a self-healing ritual. Featuring Jukyeom, an ancient mineral salt baked nine times in bamboo, and non-toxic fluoride alternative (nHA) remineralizes teeth and aims to establish a healthy oral microbiome.


Into the Gloss

“When I first started using this toothpaste, it hurt. My gums bled for a week, and my teeth would sting after I rinsed. I only kept using it because my mouth felt so incredibly clean—squeaky clean, you know? Even when I woke up in the morning, my teeth were totally smooth from brushing the night before. Now that I’m nearly finished with the tube, the stinging has stopped and I’m obsessed. I’m also hooked on its slightly salty flavor, which I will admit is probably an acquired taste.” —Ali Oshinsky


I noticed my breath stays fresh waaaay longer when I compare it with regular Colgate toothpaste. Just wowza, it really is a huge difference.



I never thought I would love a toothpaste so much. It is a little awkward to get used to at first. It’s not SUPER minty. It has more of a sea salt taste. But once you’ve used it a few times, I promise that you’ll never want to go back. My mouth feels SO clean and truly healthy.


This is the best toothpaste I have ever used. It really leaves your teeth and gum feeling fresh and clean, unlike most toothpastes that tend to leave a film or a 'cover up' aftertaste in your mouth. It took me a few tries to get used to it as it doesn't lather up as much, nor has a strong minty flavor. But within the first week you realize that you need very little and the subtle minty/salty flavor works so strongly, leaving your mouth clean.


I love the all-natural ingredients and the pure taste. I happened to be running late for a dental cleaning yesterday and was so late that the hygienist didn't have time to apply numbing solution to my exposed roots. Not only did I have a perfect checkup, but I was shocked that I had no gum pain or discomfort. The only thing I have changed in my health routine is adding Ojook. So grateful for your innovative product! A permanent addition and will be buying for family and friends!


The flavor is unique and wonderful—cool, woodsy, herbal—and leaves you feeling so fresh and clean. After using it for less than a week, I noticed a distinct difference in tooth sensitivity, which has disappeared


Most alternative brands say they're natural but have tons of random ingredients that aren't safe at all! OJOOK literally has 12 ingredients all meant to protect our oral health and hygiene. I'm blown away with how clean my mouth feels after each use. 


I've always wondered how typical sweet toothpastes can be good for preventing cavities. This one is almost savory, which is a welcome change and leaves my teeth feeling clean and protected. It's also starting to make a dent in the coffee stains that I've always considered permanent. Definitely hooked.


So excited to finally have found the perfect toothpaste. I’ve stressed over the fluoride thing for years and the natural toothpastes just don’t work that great. So I’m so happy to have found this alternative that actually remineralizes your teeth and prevents decay, as the others don’t. 

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