Daily Ritual Set ($46 Value)| Oral Care Kit

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Routine becomes ritual with this daily treatment oral care set

Our sustainable and restorative oral care products contained in OJOOK Daily Ritual Set are everything you need to start and end each day (and save $11).

This oral care kit includes:


Step 1: Treat and prep with Silk Floss ($14 value)

  • Flossing first means it becomes an essential first step, rather than an afterthought. In fact, this study shows flossing first can help prevent cavities and make active ingredients even more effective.

Step 2: Restore and rebalance with Toothpaste and a metal tube key ($24 value)

Step 3: Set daily intention with Bamboo Toothbrush ($8 value)

  • Combining beauty, function, and sustainability, The Intention Toothbrush has a compostable bamboo handle with a convenient grip. The soft, fine bristles, imported from Asia, effectively remove plaque and food particles. Note the space to write a word of your choice for daily mindfulness exercises.


Infused with hero ingredients such as nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA), and Korean 9x roasted bamboo salt, OJOOK natural oral care kit is designed to promote healthy oral microbiome and prevent plaque build up while holding the highest standard of sustainability. 

TSA friendly travel oral care kit, cruelty free

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