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The sustainable, restorative oral care products contained in the Daily Ritual Set are everything you need to start and end each day (and save $11). Infused with nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA), and Korean 9x roasted bamboo salt, the Toothpaste and Silk Floss are designed to promote a healthy oral microbiome and prevent cavities while holding the highest standard of sustainability.

This oral care kit includes: 

- 1x  Silk Floss with Bamboo Salt and Beeswax ($14 value)

- 1x  Toothpaste with nHA and Bamboo Salt ($18 value)

- 1 x The Key, A Metal Toothpaste Squeezer ($6 value)

- 1 x Intention setting bamboo Toothbrush ($8 value)


Fluoride and Triclosan-Free • PFAS and PTFE-Free • Cruelty-Free • Sustainable


TSA friendly travel oral care kit, cruelty free

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Step 1: Treat and prep with Silk Floss
  • This study shows that flossing first can help prevent cavities and make active ingredients even more effective.
Step 2: Restore and rebalance with Toothpaste and a metal tube key:
  • This gentle toothpaste reduces plaque build-up while restoring tooth enamel with nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA) and promoting gum health with treasured 9x baked bamboo salt (Jukyeom) from Korea.
Step 3: Set daily intention with Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Combining beauty, function, and sustainability, the Intention Toothbrush is made with a compostable bamboo handle and ultra fine yet firm bristles imported from Asia.


  • Cavity prevention
  • Strengthened enamel
  • Healthier gums
  • Fresh breath
  • Whitening


  • Tube: aluminum
  • Cap: HDPE
  • Floss dispenser: Glass, refill or recycle
  • Floss: Silk, compost
  • Toothbrush handle: Compost
  • Bristles: Remove it from the handle and place in trash
  • Key: stainless steel, recycle
  • Carton: Paper, recycle or compost


Free of: Fluoride, SLS and sulfate, preservatives (Paraben, Phenoxyethanol), endocrine disruptors (Triclosan, phthalates etc), Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Plastic, PFAS and PTFE chemicals, glutens, GMOs, artificial and natural sweeteners, synthetic and natural dyes, alcohol, synthetic flavors


  • Nano Hydroxyapatite (nHA) to remineralize enamel, brighten teeth, and prevent sensitivity.
  • 9x baked bamboo salt with strong alkaline properties restores the ideal mouth pH level. Bamboo salt is used in Korean medicine to cure gingivitis, gum disease, and inflammation.
  • Luxurious Italian silk is a minimally processed, natural fiber that is bouncy, shred-resistant, and compostable.
  • Ethically sourced beeswax alleviates gum inflammation and is gentle on sensitive teeth.
  • Pine oil helps relieve gum and mouth sores.

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