Bamboo salt toothpaste, silk floss and bamboo handle toothbrush in blue background explaining why Korean Oral care is the next K-Beauty Skincare


Korean Oral Care Is New K-Beauty Skincare

Striking similarities between Korean skincare and Korean oral care

By. Youn Chang


Korean skincare regimens have become mainstream and have evolved a lot from fabled “10-step skincare routines.” K-beauty trends may no longer be exactly ten steps, but the typical K-beauty skincare routine in Korea is still more multi-layered than any other skincare culture around the world.


K-beauty brands and products are distinguished from others by more than just the number of required steps. They stand out because they're ingredient-forward, result-driven, focus on prevention, have unique package designs, and embody the need for dedication and consistency in K-beauty. Korean toothpaste and OJOOK’s oral care products share a lot of these same fundamental principles.


1. Ingredient-forward and result-driven

Korean consumers are science- and ingredient-focused because they are result-driven. They are not easily tricked by deceptive ingredients that are just pleasant to our senses without any benefit - colors, fragrance, or taste. In Korea, if an ingredient is known to be good for their skin or body, it will be quickly made into an innovative product whether it’s snail slime, ginseng, horse oil, or a pungent herbal extract. For this reason, the best Korean skincare products are often described with such hero ingredients in the front and center.


Korean wellness culture has a very strong sense of a “good medicine always tastes bitter” mindset. That’s also why salty toothpaste has always been very popular in South Korea - they welcome the salty, slightly bitter taste without much sweeteners or other masking ingredients.


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2. Prevention focused

Korean skincare products are focused on prevention and getting to the root cause of the problems. A well-known example is Korean’s obsession with SPF products. When it comes to sun protection, Koreans get into the habit in their early years: regardless of gender, they are always told to religiously apply sunscreen from head to toe to prevent dark spots and fine lines. Another example is Korea’s signature skin look of dewy, “glass” skin. This everlasting trend again emphasizes that Koreans are all about how healthy and luminous skin looks over any makeup techniques.


Koreans understand prevention is easier than treatment not only for skincare but also for oral hygiene, and teeth whitening. Koreans keep their oral care sets (toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash) and religiously brush their teeth after a cup of coffee, snack, and lunch break. It’s very common to see a line of people waiting to brush their teeth at bathrooms in Korean offices.


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3. Packaging design matters

Korean makeup and skincare products have a lot of competition, so they have to grab consumers’ attention. They do this with an aesthetically pleasing design for an enjoyable user experience. Koreans understand that product aesthetics are important for consumers to enjoy the personal care routines more and the smart packaging design can really help enhance the efficacy of the products. Good examples include the infamous cushion foundations infused with high SPFs that’s portable, easy to reapply, and cute to carry around in the purse.


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4. Consistency and dedication

The well-known dedication for skincare by Koreans is just a small part of big Eastern wellness culture. Koreans practice wellness as part of their everyday lives. Every food is talked about with health benefits of ingredients, and people give health reasons for everything they engage in. Eastern wellness principles advocate small daily acts with long-term view over short-term solutions. And with that deep cultural root, Koreans use products consistently for prevention and long-term results rather than expecting immediate results. They believe time and effort matters. In Korea’s popular media, health and wellness is often displayed through elders and their healthy life choices, rather than youth-driven beauty and health.


Through ritualistic oral care habits, Korean toothpaste - OJOOK wants to widen Eastern wellness philosophy with long-term view on wellness. In East Asia, maintaining excellent oral health and being able to keep natural teeth well into their 80s and 90s is viewed as a key for longevity.


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As a Korean-founded oral care company infused with Korean ingredients and Eastern wellness principles, we hope to stand out as a result-driven, preventative, and ritualistic oral care brand, continuing the legacy of what the Korean beauty industry has become.

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