OJOOK nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA) and Korean bamboo salt toothpaste, made with eastern wellness philosophy


OJOOK Product Philosophy

OJOOK’s product development starts with challenging the status quo of today’s wellness standard. We applied Eastern wellness philosophy which focuses on prevention and long-term results by reshaping daily routines to delightful wellness rituals, rather than focusing on finding solutions to problems as they arise. As a result, our product is purposeful, simple and sustainable.


Our product is dedicated to a purpose: being equal parts curative and preventative. We’ve joined forces with renowned medical experts and incorporated the latest research in our product development and consumer studies. We stand for uncompromising quality, science-backed ingredients, and generational knowledge to carefully select the most powerful natural ingredients.


Our formula is made simple by eliminating everything that does not serve a purpose. Our ingredient list is consciously concise and transparent. Our product is free of dubious chemicals, fillers, and sensory-tricking additives, such as flavors, colorings and sweeteners. On average, we use 30% to 50% fewer ingredients in our formulation, compared to both natural and conventional products in the market. Check out the comparison chart to learn more.


Our product is designed to be earth-friendly with a holistic product life cycle in mind, because without the health of the environment surrounding us, true wellness cannot exist. We have created our product with materials that are not meant to end up in landfills so that they may serve another purpose. As much as our formula is created to be better and safer for our bodies, our product packaging system is designed to be reusable, compostable and recyclable, specifically in that order.

Our products integrate OJOOK’s core values of science, mastery, and cultural heritage, because we believe oral care should be as useful as it is beautiful. We are committed to reshaping routines into rituals and inspiring sacred experiences that define our days.

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