Chinese five element quiz


Which Five Element Are You?

In Eastern culture, we use 5 elements (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth) as a tool to explain pretty much any state of being, health, food, materials, direction, and even human personalities/ interactions. No one element is better than the others but the harmony and balance of all 5 elements are pursued.

With the same principle, our hero ingredient Jukyeom, the ancient medicinal salt from Korea, is made with all 5 elements in harmony. When these five elements are incorporated into a single ingredient, it produces “Qi,” or energy flow that is beneficial for the body and mind.

The salt comes from the west coast ocean of Korea (Water) and the sea salt is packed and sealed into bamboo by hand with local yellow clay (Earth) from Mt. Jiri. Then, it is baked 9 times using pine tree firewood (Wood) in a cast iron roaster (Metal), reaching over 1,700 degrees Celsius (Fire).The high temperature turns the salt into a substance resembling lava.

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