Toothpaste Ingredient 101


Toothpaste Ingredient 101


Our goal at OJOOK is to educate. In this article, we would like to help people feel less overwhelmed about understanding toothpaste ingredients so that they may select the best possible product for their oral care rituals.

When reviewing ingredients listed on a toothpaste container, please note that oral care ingredients are listed from the highest to lowest amount within that product.

Below, we’ve compared OJOOK toothpaste with a few products that are marketed as “natural toothpaste” and other players in the industry. by each ingredient category. The table shows, by ingredient category, how OJOOK toothpaste contains fewer ingredients overall, but a higher percentage of effective treatment-related ingredients.This stems from our philosophy of only using ingredients with purpose.

The Comparison Chart


OJOOK Oral Care Products Comparison Chart

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