oral care and bamboo toothbrush


Why Oral Care Ritual Matters from Dentist’s Perspective


Our oral health is very much determined by our daily rituals. Dental plaque is made up of hundreds of different types of bacteria, and by brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash daily we can prevent this plaque from building up and hardening. Bacteria in our mouth feeds on food debris to produce acid as a byproduct. This acid dissolves the enamel of the tooth, resulting in tooth decay. So it is crucial for us to floss, brush and use mouthwash daily to remove any particles the bacteria can feed on.

OJOOK’s main ingredient of Korean baked bamboo salt helps kill not only cavity causing bacteria, but also bacteria associated with gum disease and bad breath.

OJOOK toothpaste also contains nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA) that protects weakened enamel from being further damaged by bacteria and their acidic byproduct.

Consistency in cleaning is the key to a healthy mouth, and at OJOOK, we believe that dedication is key to our ritual. Having a ritual not only helps with oral hygiene, but using this time mindfully will hopefully give you a great start and close to the day. We know most people have busy days in which we put aside our own personal needs. These few minutes alone doing your ritual of oral care can be the ideal time to practice small positive self care habits. Studies show that a higher sense of self discipline and self control can lead to greater life satisfaction or happiness. Don’t think of daily oral care as a chore; think of it as an act of self-care.

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