Korean bamboo salt, or Jukyeom, 9 times baked salt


1300 Day Bamboo Salt with a Thousand Years of History

Our goal at OJOOK is to educate and share cross cultural knowledge. In this hero ingredient series, we want to highlight one of OJOOK’s most powerful, clean ingredients — Korean 9 times baked bamboo salt, or Jukyeom — which was carefully chosen by our dental experts and ingredient masters.


Historic salt created by Korean salt masters

OJOOK products includes an Eastern medicinal salt baked in bamboo 9 times (Jukyeom). A master herbalist from Korea first refined the methodology and application of roasted bamboo salt.

• 9x baked bamboo salt is created by incorporating energy from 5 elements: Sea salt harvested from Korea’s west coast (Water) is packed and sealed into bamboo each by hands with local yellow clay (Earth) from Mt. Jiri. Then, it is baked 9 times using pine tree firewood (Wood) in a cast iron roaster (Metal), reaching over 1,700 degrees Celsius (Fire).The high temperature turns the salt into a substance resembling lava. When these five elements are harmoniously incorporated into a single ingredient, it produces “Qi,” or energy flow that is beneficial for the body and mind.

• 9 is the most sacred number in East Asia, and symbolizes “completeness” and the achievement of full health.

• The process to produce 9x baked bamboo salt requires intense steadfast labor and meticulous attention to detail. The entire process takes approximately 1,300 days in the master's workshop.


9 times baked bamboo salt is extremely rich in minerals and creates ideal chemical balance for oral health

• First, the process of roasting the salt nine times infuses over 70 essential minerals, micronutrients, and changes the pH level of the salt from neutral (pH 7) to strong alkaline (pH 9). The strong alkaline property restores the ideal mouth chemistry for healthy gums and fresh breath, while creating a harsh environment for cavity related germs that seek an acidic environment.

• Rich in minerals such as potassium calcium and phosphorus, which promote the excretion of excess sodium from the body to help regulate its fluidity. 

• It is naturally antibacterial and can reduce symptoms of gum inflammation and mouth sores.

• Lastly, it stimulates the salivary glands, which secrete saliva, thus relieving dry mouth and thirst.

Our formulas integrate science, mastery, and honor. We are committed to reshaping mindless routines into mindful rituals, inspiring sacred experiences that define our days. OJOOK's product development philosophy starts with defining the purpose of each product and ingredient, then eliminating the rest. What’s left are the highest quality, innovative and unique ingredients, each serving a distinctly curative and preventative purpose.

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