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The Environmental Benefits of Compostable Silk Floss

Our goal at OJOOK is to educate and share cross cultural knowledge. In this hero ingredient series, we want to highlight one of OJOOK's most powerful, clean ingredients — silk — which was carefully chosen by our dental experts and ingredient masters.


Silk is the very first material used to create the floss in 1819. And it is resurfacing again as the most luxurious, strong, eco-friendly and minimally processed fiber in the floss market.

• Silk is non-toxic, all natural material and free from plastic particles, PFAS, PTFE and phthalates (endocrine disruptor).

• Silk is one of nature’s strongest fibers and the only one strong enough to actually be made into floss.

• Silk is a home compostable and eco-friendly material. Other floss materials require industrial composting facilities or will simply remain in landfills for hundreds of years. E.g. polyester, PLA plastic (polylactic acid, which is a vegetable-based plastic. Often from corn or sugarcane, PLA plastic is chemically identical to regular plastic and will not decompose easily)

• Silk is naturally shred-resistant, naturally elastic, and soft and bouncy to the sensitive gum tissues.

Silk floss has many benefits described above, but it is also the most expensive fiber to make into floss. OJOOK’s silk floss is coated with Korean medicinal 9x times baked bamboo salt (Jukyeom), beeswax and hydroxyapatite and recommended to be used before brushing for maximum treatment effect.

Our formulas integrate science, mastery, and honor. We are committed to reshaping mindless routines into mindful rituals, inspiring sacred experiences that define our days. OJOOK’s product development philosophy starts with defining the purpose of each product and ingredient, then eliminating the rest. What’s left are the highest quality, innovative and unique ingredients, each serving a distinctly curative and preventative purpose.

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